Faybrook Wall Panelling Kit For Stairs

2.2m Long Primed


Stairway wall panelling


The faybrook wall panelling stair kit consists of moulded rails and stiles that come in loose components.Top mouldings are sold separately. This open backed kit uses the wall as the panel and when painted in the same colour looks as if the whole wall is panelled. If the wall surface was very rough you can place an mdf sheet on the wall first and then place the kit in front but in most cases this is not needed. Each kit has 4no. 1.1m x 122mm horizontal rails jointed and 5no. 800mm long x 110mm moulded stiles that have to be cut on site to the stair angle. These pieces are moulded so that when assembled a panel is formed and there is no need for separate beading. The top and bottom rails have a 45 degree chamfered mould, to cut the top and bottom of the stile to correspond with this and fit into place just lean the mitre saw over 45 degrees and turn the table of the saw to the stair pitch and make the cut at the required height. The material is 12mm moisture resistant mdf, top mouldings are sold separately, kits are primed white and sanded, an undercoat and finish coat will be needed after priming. 


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