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2.2m Long x 970mm High Primed
2.2m Long Primed

Fielded Panels Ireland

Our Fielded Wall Panelling kits are designed for those looking to add some eye-catching details to allow them to instantly transform their space.  These DIY wall panelling kits are an easy way to add character or enhance existing features in any room.  

Each kit is made from high quality, durable materials and are designed to be easily installed by any DIY enthusiast or tradesperson. The moisture resistant MDF is suitable for any room in the house whether it’s a high traffic area like the kitchen or the quiet, cosy sitting room. These DIY wall panelling kits are expertly crafted by our team and are available primed to allow you to paint any colour of your choosing.

The fielded wall panelling kit comes complete with a solid dado rail and individual fielded panels that are placed directly on to the wall. This design is cost effective as it allows you to paint the dado, panels and existing or new skirting the same colour. This gives the illusion that the whole wall is panelled and as a result, instantly makes your room look more interesting and unique.

Take a look at our Fielded Wall Panelling kit for stairs and assorted accessories to help you get the job finished to a high standard.