Farnham Wall Panelling kit

2.2m Wide x 2.4m High Primed


Farnham wall panelling kit


The Farnham wall panelling kit consists of moulded rails and stiles that come in loose components, this open backed kit does not have a back panel. The exposed parts of the wall are painted in the same colour as the kit so it looks as if the whole wall is panelled. If the wall surface was very rough you could place an mdf sheet on the wall first and then place the kit in front but in most cases this is not needed. These pieces are all moulded and when assembled form a panel, the material is 12mm moisture resistant mdf. Skirting board is not included, this kit can be placed on existing skirting or used with new skirting. The kits are primed white & will need undercoat and finish coat of paint.


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