Wall Framing Kit

Primed 970mm High x 2.2m Long


Wall framing/ Panelling using mouldings


Watch our installation video for more information. Wall framing is moisture resistant mdf mouldings placed directly on to the wall. The mouldings, the wall and skirting board are all painted in the same colour to give the effect that the whole wall is panelled. Each kit consists of 1 large dado 18mm x 69mm, 1 small dado 18mm x 38mm and the 18mm x 54mm moulding precut to make up the frames. The frame moulds are precut and mitered, the height is set at 450mm high, the widths are also 450mm wide but will have to be adjusted on site to suit the different walls. All the mouldings are primed, Panelshack supplies a diagram for you or your carpenter to keep the mouldings at the correct heights. The finished height from the floor is 970mm but this can be adjusted if you prefer. 



Watch our installation video.

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